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Proven Ways To Get Instagram Likes & Real Followers Fast

Easy Ways to Get more Followers on Instagram


There are easy ways to get more followers on ig. Ways that do not take long to do, and yet can net you thousands of new followers in just a few weeks.


Upload photos several times a day -- The more photos you upload, the more chance there is people will find them, like them and follow you.


Try to upload at least three photos a day, and watchout your ig follower count increase quickly.


Have a consistent brand -- Make sure your photos are always on just one or two themes, have similar color schemes and obviously look like you took them.


An IG page with a consistent theme attracts more people than one that does not.


Partner with another account -- If you post similar photos to other accounts, contact them and ask if they would like to join you in promoting each other.


You could upload similar photos or videos, collaborate on photos and videos and then promote each other's content.


Use relevant hashtags -- Use hashtags that are not only relevant to your photos but that are also popular ones at the moment.


More people will then be searching for photos with those hashtags, and you will get more followers that way.


Tag other accounts -- If you have photos that may be relevant to other users, especially if they own popular accounts, tag them in your photos.


This will mean they get a notification you tagged them and, if they check your photo and like it, they may just promote it to all their followers as well.


Ask people to tag their friends -- A great way to get new ig followers is to post a photo that requires other people to tag their friends to see it.


Just make sure it is something cool, fun or interesting that many people would like.


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