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Proven Ways To Get Instagram Likes & Real Followers Fast

Easy Ways to Get more Followers on Instagram


There are easy ways to get more followers on ig. Ways that do not take long to do, and yet can net you thousands of new followers in just a few weeks.


Upload photos several times a day -- The more photos you upload, the more chance there is people will find them, like them and follow you.


Try to upload at least three photos a day, and watchout your ig follower count increase quickly.


Have a consistent brand -- Make sure your photos are always on just one or two themes, have similar color schemes and obviously look like you took them.


An IG page with a consistent theme attracts more people than one that does not.


Partner with another account -- If you post similar photos to other accounts, contact them and ask if they would like to join you in promoting each other.


You could upload similar photos or videos, collaborate on photos and videos and then promote each other's content.


Use relevant hashtags -- Use hashtags that are not only relevant to your photos but that are also popular ones at the moment.


More people will then be searching for photos with those hashtags, and you will get more followers that way.


Tag other accounts -- If you have photos that may be relevant to other users, especially if they own popular accounts, tag them in your photos.


This will mean they get a notification you tagged them and, if they check your photo and like it, they may just promote it to all their followers as well.


Ask people to tag their friends -- A great way to get new ig followers is to post a photo that requires other people to tag their friends to see it.


Just make sure it is something cool, fun or interesting that many people would like.


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How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

Getting more Insta gram followers in 2019 is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially as the social media platform now has tens of thousands of new people using it every day. People that are directly competing with you for followers.

There are some things you can do to attract attention to your account, though, and get the followers you think you deserve.

Have a well-curated account -- An account with beautiful photographs, and with a theme that remains consistent, is far more interesting to potential Insta gram followers than one with random photos thrown on it.

Curate your account well, pick a filter you like and make everything you upload to it look consistently similar.

Create Instastories every day -- When people are trying to get new Insta gram followers, they do not always think about posting Instastories to do that.

People browse through stories as much as they do photos, though, and as you can be more creative in them, you can grab people's attention more easily.

Post an Instastory every day, and make it as cool and creative as you possibly can.

Using hashtags and location tags -- Both hashtags and location tags are important when trying to attract other Insta gram users to your account.

Use hashtags that are currently popular, as long as they fit with the photo you are posting, and make sure you use location tags on everything. After all, people want to see photos from others in their area. Using location tags helps them find them.

Selfies attract more attention -- Studies show selfies seems to get around 40 percent more likes than photos with nobody in them.

Make sure you post selfies every few days and, not only will those photos get more likes, but some of the people liking them may follow you as well. Get to know more about ganhar curtidas no instagram come visit our site.


Tips to Help You Get More Instagram Followers


Getting thousands of IG followers is incredibly hard work. Especially if you are relatively new to the social media platform, and do not know many people on it.

These tips can help you get more IG followers. You will have to follow majority of them, though, if you want to be successful. 

Like other people's photos -- The first thing you should be doing several times a day is liking other people's photographs. When you do, some of them will go to your account to look at your photos and then some of those people will follow you.

Follow other people -- Choose accounts that do not have a huge number of followers and follow them. These people will usually check to see who has followed them and, again, a percentage of them will follow you back. 

Leave comments -- If you like someone's photo, or have something interesting to say about it, leave a comment on it. Comments are another way to attract people to your IG account and, if they like what they see, they may start following you as well. 

Use popular hashtags -- There are plenty of websites that tell you what the current popular hashtags are. Use these hashtags on your photos if you want to get more IG followers, and you will attract more people to look at them.

Just make sure the hashtags you use are appropriate for the photos you are posting.

Buy followers -- Of course, if you are still struggling to get more IG followers, you can always buy followers.

If you go this route, though, be sure you start off with just a hundred or two new followers, and then add other people just as slowly. This will prevent IG from finding out and banning your account.

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The Instagramer's Guide To More Followers

If you have an active Insta-gram account (which I'm willing to bet that you do), then you know that gaining the right following can be challenging. Especially if you are promoting a particular niche or brand. You are either a casual Instagramer or a business Instagramer.

In any case, you probably want to increase your following but find it hard to attract traffic to your page. There is no doubt that Insta-gram can be a very useful tool for those who know how to capitalize on it. Let's look at a few things you can do to get to increase your fanbase.

The first obvious method is to well...actually BUY more followers! Ok yes, I know for some this is probably not the many honorable path but people still do it nonetheless when they want to bypass all the hard work.

There are a number of services out there that offer the means to increase your IG following drastically! For a reasonable fee of course! It’s all a matter of visiting your old pal Google and looking around for a bit.

Another technique that may increase your IG power is Hashtaging! It’s extremely easy to do and it costs nothing! But, you’ll have to get creative with your hashtags. The more exotic you get with your H-Tags the better your chances are of attracting new and interesting people who are willing to show you support.

Just make sure that your H-tags are relevant to your post. NOBODY likes clickbait! We could go on about the science and tricks of doing H-tag but I will leave the task to you. So get out there and give it a try! You may be surprised by the results!

Another great way to get yourself noticed is by engaging in trending topics and conversations. You may have an opinion that many others can resonate with and you’ll instantly get that stamp of approval! Learning how to capitalize on controversy will generate unexpected success!

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little controversy! It’s like a daily dose of digital heroine for your system! So if you're not afraid to mingle and be extroverted then I would highly suggest getting out there and stirring up a hornet’s nest!

You know the old saying, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”! Well what if the photos you post tell a shortstory with actual words? Coupling an engaging written piece to go along with that stunning pic can mean the difference between a mere 100 likes to having thousands of likes! Even if you are not the many exceptional writer, you can still manage to do it with a little help.

If you are promoting your own brand on IG, then this information will be of great use! Here we covered a few tips to get you started, but there are SO many other techniques you can try to further grow your brand on Insta-gram! So be open to try new things even if they take you out of your comfort zone.

You have nothing t lose and all to gain. Over time you will develop a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. I wish you all the luck and best fortune on your Insta-gram endeavors!

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Climbing the Instagram Ladder Of Followers


     When you're building an Instagram profile either for yourself or a business, one of the main questions that pop up is how do you get more followers? Obviously making sure to post pictures is one of the ways how, but a bunch of science goes into social media that businesses apply to their accounts. With these tips, you'll be able to quickly rack up a bunch of followers.

One of the first things you want to do is to make a unique brand for yourself on Instagram. While many of people get away with just posting random photos, if you're already not a celebrity or a very large business, making your Instagram stand out and be unique is one of the best ways to get followers. Play around with colors to make something sharp and not traditional. Once you make sure your style is applied to everything on your profile, you're bound to get followers through that way.

Another way to gather followers, especially if you're a local personality or business is to tag local places and hashtags for your area. For example, if you are a business in New York City, you should start using hashtags such as #timesquare or tag your photos where possible to local landmarks of New York City. Connecting your profile with your community brings personality and they want to follow you.

The last big tip is to utilize the caption feature on Instagram. By writing on the side of the photos you upload, you could gain followers by giving knowledge or writing about a deal that your business is having. Instagram is meant for pictures, but often words really make you understand them.

When you utilize these tips, you're bound to have a great head-start on having a successful Instagram profile. A lot of these tips can be used in ways on other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. With this information, you're bound to become successful and possibly verified one day.

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