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Proven Ways To Get Instagram Likes & Real Followers Fast

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

Getting more Insta gram followers in 2019 is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially as the social media platform now has tens of thousands of new people using it every day. People that are directly competing with you for followers.

There are some things you can do to attract attention to your account, though, and get the followers you think you deserve.

Have a well-curated account -- An account with beautiful photographs, and with a theme that remains consistent, is far more interesting to potential Insta gram followers than one with random photos thrown on it.

Curate your account well, pick a filter you like and make everything you upload to it look consistently similar.

Create Instastories every day -- When people are trying to get new Insta gram followers, they do not always think about posting Instastories to do that.

People browse through stories as much as they do photos, though, and as you can be more creative in them, you can grab people's attention more easily.

Post an Instastory every day, and make it as cool and creative as you possibly can.

Using hashtags and location tags -- Both hashtags and location tags are important when trying to attract other Insta gram users to your account.

Use hashtags that are currently popular, as long as they fit with the photo you are posting, and make sure you use location tags on everything. After all, people want to see photos from others in their area. Using location tags helps them find them.

Selfies attract more attention -- Studies show selfies seems to get around 40 percent more likes than photos with nobody in them.

Make sure you post selfies every few days and, not only will those photos get more likes, but some of the people liking them may follow you as well. Get to know more about ganhar curtidas no instagram come visit our site.